Thursday, September 7, 2017

We have finally started our new school year.


It's been awhile since I posted, need to try to keep up with this a little
better, yet, I'm a little hesitant for reasons I can't go into.

Our first official back to school day was the day we originally planned,
on Monday, August 21st. But it was also the day of the solar eclipse. So
it was a  very light day, he just read a little about the National guard because
he is thinking of joining them and since we didn't have the proper safety
glasses to view the eclipse, we watched and listened online instead. And then
we started back in full swing or as much as we were able to. on
 Tuesday, August 22nd
And we are still easing into some subjects, but probably in the next two weeks or so,
he'll have his full load.

He's a junior this year, sometimes I wonder where the time has gone.

So for now, and some of this will probably be repeated but for now,
this is his subjects and curriculum we are using for this school year:

Math/Plane geometry(we are using Abeka and his Dad is his teacher for this)
English III (our state requires a balance of literature, composition, and speech)
so for his literature and composition assignments come from the curriculum we
are using for his government.
 Right now his lit. book is an alternative lit. suggestion
so he is listening to the book, "Democracy in America," Vol. 1 online through Librovox.

The way this particular curriculum is set up, the author gives the student a choice
of 3 projects to work on for one unit(a unit consists of about 5 lessons) and then
it counts or should count towards their English credit,
 and the student chooses one, they usually consist of either a writing assignment,
 a couple of hands on projects,
some seem to be a combination of writing and hands on. So he did the first project
already which was a memorization passage from the Bible. For this unit he just started,
it's more of a combination writing and hands on project which is making a poster,
creatively illustrating and explaining the basic forms of government.

And for the speech part, he's just starting that today, and right now our plans
 our to have him do/work on speech on Thursday's & Fridays.
We are using or will be using the book, "Painless Speaking," from the Baron series
 which states its for greades 7th - 12th.

Social studies/history: 1st semester: Government(Notgrass curriculum)

Science/Physics: (using the Abeka curriculum and his Dad is also his teacher for this)

And this blog will have to be continued later for now.

See you later,

Monday, July 31, 2017

Almost that time again - for our school year


Around here the schools have either started or getting ready to start.

We are looking hopefully to start our new school year on Monday, August 21st.

His foreign language plans changed, instead of continuing German,
he will now be taking Spanish instead.

Be a busy year for him this coming year.

And lots of life/circumstances have happened lately for our
more part.

Short and sweet, have to catch up with you all later,

Friday, July 7, 2017

School is now over and has been for awhile.


Guess technically all schoolwork was finished by June 9th, 2017
and basically by then all he needed to finish up was his Math.
So we counted that our last day of school for this year.

Now we are just getting ready and trying to finish ordering the
rest of his curriculum for next year.
Some have already been ordered and is now here waiting to be used.

Not sure exactly when we'll start our new school year back up,
so it's not set in stone, but thinking of starting school, Monday, August 21st.

He's finished both beginning fencing classes so now he wants to join the
Fencing Club, so looks like that will be doable, only this time we'll have
to provide and buy the equipment.

My one computer completely crashed, but the Lord provided and someone
else bought me a new laptop, so right now that gives our family two laptops
to use.

And our VBS is next week, we are praying for good weather and no sickness
among us workers.

So busy, busy time here, all around,

Take care,

Friday, May 12, 2017

Winding down

Wow, seems like forever since I've
been and written on my blog. lol.

Our school year is slowly coming to a close.

And some subjects are or have already been out
of the way for a long time. Some are getting close to being finished.

So right now what we are working on for him to finish up is
his history, close but not quite done yet.
Composition, he just finished lesson 3 on his last essay, there are usually
about 7 lessons, sometimes lessons can go over depending on how long
an assignment takes, but then he will be done with his English for the year.
And German(another thing that is close since we'll be continuing this the same
way next year)
And Math.

And he has started round two of his beginning fencing classes(epee)
has already had two classes, classes run for 6 weeks.

As for the more part, still helping out in our church,
now a trip planned to go see my Mother over Memorial
Day weekend.  Our church just ended a revival meeting.

Think that's all for now,

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wow !! Plans can sure get changed around.


Actually I need to reword my profile, our son we home school
is now 16 and finishing up his sophomore year of high school.

Where did the time go?

Even with his input, I figured I had my plans and curriculum
for next year all planned out.
And they got completely turned around!!

What happened??  We took him to our home school convention
with us one day so he could help make decisions. Of course we
told him, this is what is required yet to graduate in our state.

So here our now "new" 2017-2018 school year plans, subject to change!

Math: Geometry- with Abeka instead of with Math-u-see
English III or English 11(whatever I decide to call it, he will get with
what we are using now for his history) Notgrass
Social studies/history: Government & Economics with Notgrass
instead of Sonlight(can I cry? This Mom really likes Sonlight)
Science: Physics- with Abeka

What hasn't changed as far as I know: his foreign language,
but will now be called German II and with what we are using.

Physical education we are still working on, but he is now
taking a fencing class(it lasts for 6 weeks) so that has been
helping and he has expressed interest in continuing with this
and taking private lessons.

What hasn't been decided yet for sure but has been talked about,
speech will not be covered for English and I will have to find
something to use for it instead, we talked about him wanting
to do a mixture of British and French lit. for his English lit.
part but our curriculum will cover his lit. requirements so
we may go ahead and do this as an elective.

And we'll continue on with this career and college elective.

If he finally gets to learn to drive, that can count as another
elective if he takes Drivers Ed.

And he still operates our sound system at our church.

Whew!!! Looks like he'll have a busy year.

For the more part, we still help out at our church often
and another lady and I are doing our VBS this summer.
We are getting excited!!  Our plans are all coming together!!
Our theme is: "Geared Up for God."  Idea came from Oriental
Trading post if anyone needs ideas for theirs.

Then for Sunday school, they are going to try something different.
Right now, on Sunday mornings,they have just had an adult
Sunday school class. So they are changing the time to an
hr. before our Sun. evening service and having a family type
kinda of Sunday school, where some of us will be taking turns
having a song and a story for  the children and then give/hand
the children some activity to do quietly and then turn it over
to the adult Sunday school teacher so he can teach the adults.
Right now, this is on a trial basis(for 3 months) starting in April.
I volunteered for the children's part for the month of April.

We are still trying to house hunt which is getting very discouraging.

Believe that's all of our latest news for now,

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Already thinking for plans for next school year!


We are finishing strong for this school year or seem
to be even with distractions and sometimes way of
our day's go.  Most of you homeschooling Moms and possibly
even Dads can relate.

So reflecting back this year and what he's still finishing
and working on to finish the school year.

So probably have been mentioned before!!
Health- finished.
Math: still plugging along on his algebra 1.
Foreign language: German - still working on German 1
History: US history, still working and using Sonlight again(fits real well
for both him and his mother/me as his teacher.)
His English II(our state requires a balance of speech, literature and composition)
so for this, we need to try to schedule at least one  more speech for him, but
on hold until we finish the section of composition which right now he has just
started learning about the process of writing a research paper and will take
time to write on. And of course his literature always go well, whether we use
a book, or listen to it via audio.
Picking back up on his physical education: He has just started kungfu, his
Dad is his teacher, and when classes start, we are going to try to work
it out so he can learn/do the fencing sport.
Elective: Career and college planning, working on this too.

So for next year, he will be a junior, where did the time go?
So right now our tentative plans, of course are
subject to change.
For history/social studies:  Government(Sonlight) and Economics(not
completely sure what yet, but looking into the Economics for everybody)
and these will just be a semester each.
Math: I was thinking of giving him the choice of either geometry or Algebra II
but if we keep with Math-u-see, geometry will come next.
Science: probably go ahead and encourage him to take chemistry, but not
sure exactly what we'll use, and that also depends because this might
be a subject we might have to turn over to his Dad to help with too.
English III, for his lit. I'm considering using some of Sonlight's British lit.
Speech, worked well using various sources,but to help me out, considering
getting the speech book from sevensisters. For his composition, not completely
sure if we'll continue using Essentials in writing or use something else.
Foreign language, continue working on his German, what we are using can
count both as German 1 and 2.
We probably also need a couple of electives. But not sure yet what
they'll be yet or what we'll use.

And for the more part, we are still pretty involved in helping out in
our church.
We would still like to move if it works out.

And that's our latest news,

Monday, February 13, 2017

Been awhile again, not exactly when our school year will end.

Hi, everyone,

Actually considering and hopefully we'll be finished
with all of ds' curricula and school by the last Friday before
Memorial Day. Of course that might mess us up a little if we
get to move.

Actually we are coming down the home stretch to finishing.

So our latest school news:
For some extra physical education and credit,
my husband has started teaching our son the Kungfu he
knows and we are going to try to let him work out some fencing,
waiting on some extra money and the class doesn't start until March 6th,
the classes run for 6 weeks and meet one evening a week.
And then there is also a fitness center our son has expressed interest in
to continue working out.

And yes, we are working on this new elective, college and career planning
or trying to. Right now the book we are using is called: "What color is
your parachute? for teens."

So he's still doing his Math and German. And that's still with Dad
in the evenings.

And his English, right now, no speech is scheduled, but
we/he is listening to Uncle Tom's cabin via audio on you tube,
and  this we added in for his lit.. Back to composition, today just
started learning about the research paper to get ready to actually
do one(but today's lesson was just an overview)

Bible & history are still going well. Most likely we'll be done
early with history, we usually are, but maybe not this year.

And I'm already thinking about plans for next year.

Believe that's all on the school front for now.

As for the more part, our weather has been extremely warmer
for this time of the year in our neck of the woods, but I like it.

My theme for jr. church is over, so I'm back with just assisting, helping,
and taking attendance, etc and the other lady teaching(unless she happens
to be away or is sick, then it becomes my ballgame for that day) until
May.  But we still help out a lot with other things in our church also.

And we finally took our tree down, the nativity was taken down soon after
I made my last post.

Guess I'll go ahead and sign off for now,